Our Favorite Online Stores

retro tee shirts from the 80s and thereabouts

If you were born in 1980 or thereabouts like us, click and let this site speak to your beautiful first-wave Millennial soul.

ain't nobody got time for the crap in tap water

Our favorite (& smartest) purchase of 2010 was a Genesis alkaline water ionizer. Aw yah, better health and glowing skin!

retro tee shirts from the 80s and thereabouts

Pretty much sells everything, and at the best price, too. Introvert Pro Tip: Pony up for Amazon Prime and you pretty much never need to leave the house again.

boho home decor and assorted magic

Curated lifestyle and home furnishings brand full of gorgeous, modern, artful creations.

costumes ARE daily wear clothes SO THERE

Because costumes ARE clothes and we’re NOT waiting for Halloween to dress up. Are you?

personalized gifts for you and your homies

Customize ALL THE THINGS! Put the name of your band, or your lover, or your made-up girl gang on… well, anything.


Never pay retail again. And if it’s your thing, you could possibly never buy new again.


Eco-friendly goodies for yoginis and boho babes.

my face when they don't offer a discount

Half off salon services, 70% off dinner at a new restaurant… don’t mind if I do!

Hammacher Schlemmer: say that 3 times fast!

“Lifestyle gifts” that will make you NEED to win the lottery lest you die of heartbreak. You’ve been warned.

for little ones of all ages

Just browsing this store is whimsical stress relief. Toys for imaginative play that are perf for actual kids or children at heart.

supplements and healthy snacks

Nobody got time to chase down weekly sales on health supplements. Save $10 on your 1st order by clicking this link. Bonus: If you’re on the east coast, your orders arrive crazy fast.

reproduction vintage clothes

Sometimes you have to temper your desire for a genuine vintage wardrobe with a few reproduction pieces. ModCloth has us covered!

natural pet supplies

Natural pet food, treats, vitamins, and medicine for your holistically healthy little fuzzball.

playful toys for grownups

Let your inner child out to play!

boho kids clothes

Globally inspired children’s clothes for stylish little citizens of the world. Rich and vibrant colors and layers that mix from season to season.

nerdy gifts for geeks

Celebrate all the fandoms, buy all the accoutrements!

vibrational therapy and healing jewelry from VibesUP

We love Kaitlyn’s vibrational therapy products! My fave are the Divine Soles and all the food charging items. It’s true what VibesUP says: “It’s like turbo charging the Law of Attraction.”

shoe fetish much?

Shoes! And accessories. And swimsuits. And always free shipping! And how nice would a Zappos gift card be right about now?