Hunamunca Vintage

Hey, do you miss sleepyheadvintage, too? It used to be one of our favorite online vintage stores.

Good news, little miss memory-of-an-elephant: they’re back under the name huncamunca vintage!

The owner, Kristen, has been collecting vintage wear since 8th grade, and says she wears vintage almost exclusively now. What a selectively curated labor of love her wardrobe must be!

OK, so are you ready for a really fast fashion payoff? Huncamunca is all about those Buy It Now listings, so when you see an item you adore in their shop you can buy it immediately instead of waiting for an auction to end, while you worry about being outbid. Nope. Just pick your faves, buy em’, and enjoy.

Whether you’re new to vintage or have a closet full of classic couture, huncamunca vintage will hook you up. Visit their gorgeous online shop and stock up some of the finest vintage clothing coming out of Chicago.