Trashy Vintage

Maybe Trashy Vintage is sitting on a secret super power. After all, the City of Santa Clarita is one of the largest in LA County, but somehow the shop’s owner, Crystal, manages to find only the sweetest stock in the entire LA area.

I sat down with Crystal and – although she didn’t admit to any super-human skills – you can tell she has an extraordinary love of all things vintage.

New clothes are easy to find, and not without their charms. So what are some unique benefits of buying vintage?

Buying vintage is sort of like buying a designer bag. It’s the real thing, the original… not some cheap knock-off version that’s going to fall apart on you after two washes. It’s already stood the test of time. Another cool thing about buying vintage is it’s one of a kind. So you’ll never show up to a party and someone else is wearing the exact same vintage dress.

Outside of your shop, what are some of your passions? What makes you excited to wake up in the morning?

I love renovating houses. One day I’d love to buy a fixer-upper of my own.

What advice do you have for people who are newbies to buying vintage clothes?

Just because it’s vintage doesn’t mean it’s cute. *LOL* I say “no” to ugly vintage all the time.

Are there any vintage items that you collect? What do you love about them?

I collect vintage t-shirts. Everything from Harley Davidson to Mickey Mouse. I love the way vintage t-shirt fit and feel. The fabric is so thin and buttery soft.

Some people worry that cleaning vintage clothes will damage them. What are your tips for keeping a vintage wardrobe lovely and fresh smelling?

When in doubt… dry clean! It’s not worth the risk to save a couple bucks. I’ve learned that the hard way. For the most part fabrics like cotton and polyester wash up nicely. I soak heavily stained items in Oxi Clean. It works like magic! But if it looks delicate, like it might shrink or the colors might bleed, or if I can’t identify the fabric I always take it to a professional. Better safe than sorry!

Whether you’re new to vintage or have a closet full of classic couture, Trashy Vintage will hook you up. Visit their eBay shop and scoop up some of the finest vintage So Cal has to offer.