Vulture Culture Vintage

It’s not just vintage clothes that have soul. The fine folks who sell it do, too. I had a chat with Michelle Seibold, the owner of Portland, Indiana based Vulture Culture Vintage, and discovered that her shop was actually born from another passion.

Vulture Culture Vintage began to simply support our small foster and rehabilitation program for homeless shelter animals. Since our ‘official’ naming in 2007, we’ve taken in over 30 dogs and cats, vetted, fostered and rehomed them. We continue to volunteer, as much as possible, to local animal welfare groups and donate a portion of all fur/fur trimmed vintage garments to small, needy wildlife rehabilitation groups. Our slogan for this program is ‘respect the past, present and future‘.” 

I love your dedication to helping others with your business. Buying vintage has a few other unique advantages over buying brand new clothing. What is your favorite aspect of buying vintage?

“The forced creativity that every piece inspires might be my personal, favorite aspect. To integrate an amazing vintage piece (or pieces) into a modern wardrobe can feel challenging at first, but falls into place in the most magnificent and unique way. Also, vintage pieces are usually made with such superior pride and workmanship that can only be compared to todays couturiers, yet they are usually much more affordable for us every day girls. When a client comes into our brick and mortar shop we love to get a sense for what their particular style is and fit some killer vintage pieces in with their current wardrobe.”

That’s certainly extra motivation for visiting your new shop! But what about ladies who aren’t local or want to buy their vintage clothing online? What advice do you have for people who are relatively new to buying vintage clothes?

“Try to avoid ‘hobbiest’ sellers. Professional sellers will make sure that your new vintage goods are inspected thoroughly with any flaws notated. If a seller puts a lot of pride in the visual aesthetic of their listing, they will, most likely, put equally as much pride in the garment for sale to make sure all seams are intact so you don’t end up having to put a bunch of work into something when it arrives. And don’t be afraid to experiment with styling your new vintage piece. Just because it’s a 1970’s paisley skirt doesn’t mean you can’t wear engineer boots with it! Give it a go, ask professional sellers/stylist on Facebook what they think. I know I welcome this even if the garment wasn’t purchased from me.”

Okay, besides clothes, what’s an item that you think is really worth buying vintage?

Furniture, lamps, purses, and classic cars! Our shop car is a 1976 Jaguar XJ6. Previously it was a 1965 Ford F100 truck and before that it was a 1968 Chevelle Super Sport. As with vintage clothing, there is nearly nothing in todays market made with such style, pride and integrity. As with anything – old and new – nothing is perfect. I embrace little flaws as ‘life experience’ for everything vintage/antique.”

We couldn’t agree more! Whether you’re new to vintage or have a closet full of classic couture, Vulture Culture Vintage will hook you up. Visit their gorgeous online shop and scoop up some of the finest vintage Indiana has to offer.