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OK it’s 2001. Destiny’s Child was at the top of their game, the first Harry Potter movie was playing in theaters, and I got a Nintendo GameCube for Christmas. People were all feeling celebratory in the new millennium. It’s the year 2001! A year we fantasized might contain flying cars and wristwatch televisions. “The future is now!” and all that jazz. The trends of the times reflect our general consciousness, and the early 2000’s especially, were about experimentation and bending fashion rules for the sake of “futuristic” and modern looks. We just survived the Y2K scare, man! You think we’re too timid to wear jeans under skirts or ties as belts? No ma’am. Not in this millennium.

Exhibit A: Headwear.
Look, no one was immune to statement hats as the perfect finishing touch to an already busy outfit. You know how a lot of people say “I’m just not a hat person. I don’t think I could pull it off” ? Well, everyone was a “hat person” in the 2000s. Think bedazzled newsboys, Burberry bucket hats, crochet slouchy beanies, and Von Dutch trucker caps. Extra style points if you had either zebra stripe highlights or a zig-zag part underneath your fedora.

Disney channel stars had some of the BEST looks from this era. (Google “Ashley Tisdale 2000’s fashion”: so good!) Like I said, wearing flared jeans under skirts and dresses and neckties as belts were very hot at the time, and it was pretty much a rule that every outfit needed at least one bedazzled or sequin item and a tiny armpit purse. Scarves were having a real moment too. You’d think the Jonas brother’s had to wear them contractually, as they were rarely seen without one during this era.

Streetwear was also a big trend. It-girls like J.lo and Kimora Lee Simmons were often seen mixing casual pieces like Applebottom jeans, satin cargo pants, cut-off camisoles and bandanas with gold nameplate necklaces and and huge hoop earrings. This was often finished with variations of a cut-off puffer coat with fur trim and rimless colored sunglasses.

“Bad girls” Kelly Osbourne and Avril Lavigne were style icons for the alternative set. Cap sleeve band tees or white undershirts, low-rise cargo pants with studded belts, black rubber bracelets, puffy skater shoes, and men’s neckties in lieu of necklaces were the perfect way of expressing the desire to seem weird while wearing the most comfortable clothes available at the time.

Boho style was essentially the antithesis of emo and scene kid style. Sienna Miller’s signature looks regularly consisted of embroidered maxi skirts, huge hippie purses (also often embroidered or tooled with intricate patterns), a simple cami with either an oversized cardigan or duster, and soooo many bangles. This vibe was very beachy and relaxed and Mary Kate Olsen was another celeb who pulled it off effortlessly. Headbands worn across the forehead and long, draping layered necklaces complete the hippie vibe.

No Y2K lookbook would be complete without the millennium fashion queen herself, Paris Hilton. She had a huge impact on the popularity of Juicy Couture velour tracksuits in particular, but super low rise jeans and tiny denim mini skirts paired with Ugg boots and an spray tan was a real signature Paris look too. MAC lip glass and motorola RAZR were non negotiable permanent fixtures of daily life. I remember watching episodes of the Simple Life and taking notes on every single one of her outfits from the Von Dutch trucker caps to the extra pointy kitten heels and corset tops.

I’m honestly excited all these styles are coming back. They make me feel nostalgic, and inspired to make riskier outfit choices in tribute of the style vanguards before me. If you really think about it, 2000’s fashion was what we thought we’d be wearing in 2020, but through a 90’s lens, right? Trend, inception, if you will. I appreciate the streamlined, chic silhouettes this decade has spawned. But after years of utilitarian “capsule wardrobes”, minimalistic/modern fashion, and a sea of beige in the form of all things YEEZY, I’m just ready to make things shamelessly bedazzled again.

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