Womens 90’s Clothes

I can’t tell you how glad I am that the “Friends’ Trend” of 90’s fashion has made a comeback. As an early 90’s baby myself, I still hold a special place in my heart for those black slip on Steve Madden platform slides (come on, you had them too) elastic tattoo chokers, cropped ringer tees and big ole JNCOS.

TBH I never stopped secretly wanting to be a Spice Girl, so I was elated when I started seeing slinky slip dresses and those teeny tiny wire framed sunglasses popping up on runways and fashion blogs. I may not have been allowed to wear chunky platform creepers, a plaid mini skirt and a tube top then….but I’m a GROWN UP now and you best believe I’m going to ride this 90’s wave of nostalgia.

Another huge style inspiration at the time was Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. Her perfectly matching plaid skirt suits, knee high socks, and wool berets in the middle of summer, or that little white Calvin Klein slip dress she’s wearing in the staircase scene? *kisses fingers* Flawless. Cher Horowitz was the epitome of polished,preppy rich girl style.

I’m not sleeping on Dionne either; her style was bangin’ too. Mini skirts, bucket hats and knee high socks were hot then and totally on-point again today. If you haven’t recently, re-watch the cult classic, enjoy a very young Paul Rudd wearing flannel, make mental notes on the killer fashion!

And then we have God’s gift to R&B, the legendary girl group TLC. These girls managed managed to rock satin pajama pants, exposed boxers, and a sports bra and make it a totally iconic moment in red carpet history. (There was also that whole decorating outfits with condoms thing, which is a tad less wearable, but you do you.) Their style was definitely more tomboy than chic, with lots of oversized everything and a laid back vibe. Aaliyah was another great example of mixing sporty, oversized jerseys and Nike snapbacks with sexier more revealing pieces. Think Tommy Hilfiger, extra low rise pleather pants, balanced with a bandana head wrap and big hoop earrings.

Color blocking and clashing bold prints was also a big deal. These looks were purposefully garish in nature, with bold colors, and weird, abstract patterns. Remember Clarissa Explains it All? Blossom? I’m pretty sure the rule of thumb for their bonkers look was something along the lines of: Floppy, folded hat with fake flower? Check. Floral maxi dress? Flannel wrapped around waist? Check. Doc Martens, bright colored tights and whimsically uncoordinating accessories? Oh yeah. Nailed it.

Of course, the grunge look was also huge in the 90s. Inspired by the rising music scene in the PNW, the uniform of plaid, flannel shirts, distressed jeans, vintage band tees, thermals, grandpa cardigans, beanies and Converse All Stars swept the country. Grunge may be the most iconic look of the entire decade, and we have Gen Xers who didn’t even want to look fashionable to thank for it.

Now it’s time for the most holy portion of our time travel tale: the patron saint of 90’s cool girl fashion herself, Drew Barrymore. Her looks were pretty varied! One day she’d wear a white tee, high-rise mom jeans, black choker and leather jacket and look like a sexy badass. The next day she could take a page out of Courtney Love’s fashion guide, and just add her own sweetness in a silk nightgown, ripped fishnets, a matte red lip, and denim vest. But if you’re really trying to channel 90s Drew, remember her signature daisy behind the ear!

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